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Case Study: Grubhub Teaming With Snoop Dogg

Influencer marketing is key for brands looking to connect directly with their target audience. The power of influencers to sway consumer behaviour and drive engagement cannot be underestimated. Let's look at a recent example of a successful influencer campaign, Grubhub's collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg
Grubhub, the popular food delivery platform, recently launched a new multichannel campaign in the U.S. titled "Did Somebody Say." The campaign aims to remind consumers of the joy of food delivery and features a 60-second spot accompanied by a catchy jingle. However, what truly sets this campaign apart is the choice of influencer — Snoop Dogg.
Snoop Dogg brings his unique style and personality to the campaign, making it instantly memorable and relatable to a wide range of audiences. His involvement adds a level of authenticity and credibility that resonates with consumers, making them more likely to engage with the brand.
The success of this campaign can be attributed to several factors. Snoop Dogg's massive following and influence on social media platforms cannot be ignored. With millions of followers across various channels, his endorsement of Grubhub reaches a vast audience, increasing brand visibility and awareness. The campaign's launch in the U.K. generated significant buzz, garnering over 4 million views within just three days. This early success further solidifies the importance of finding the right influencer who can captivate audiences and generate excitement around a brand.
Behind the scenes, the campaign was brought to life by McCann London. Their expertise in creating compelling content and executing effective marketing strategies played a crucial role in the campaign's overall success.
Grubhub's approach to the campaign goes beyond social media. In addition to paid and organic social media promotion, the campaign includes out-of-home creative, such as billboards and posters, to further amplify its reach. The inclusion of a sweepstakes also adds an element of excitement and incentivizes consumer engagement.
The collaboration between Grubhub and Snoop Dogg serves as a prime example of how finding the right influencer can make all the difference in a marketing campaign. Leveraging Snoop Dogg's influence and combining it with a well-executed multichannel approach allowed Grubhub to successfully capture the attention and interest of consumers.
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Jeff Hostetter
Content Marketing Strategist at Neon Supply