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Why We Use Different Social Media Channels

With so many different channels out there and new ones hitting the market every week, narrowing down what social media channels your business should use in its marketing strategy is a tall task.
You need to carefully consider where your target audience is most active, what type(s) of content they like, and your capacity for meeting their content expectations.
To help you out, we've put together the list of social media channels we use here at Neon Supply, why we use each one, and some insights about how these channels are working for us.
The Channels We Use
1. Facebook
Facebook allows a diverse range of content formats and audience engagement tools. Being able to share photos, videos, long-form posts, reshare curated content, and use interactive media like Q&As and polls was important to us.
Facebook is the main platform used by businesses, so we needed to be active here too to keep up with the competition and help us reach potential clients in our target markets.
2. Instagram
Most businesses are on Instagram these days, which isn't surprising given that it still sees significant year-over-year user growth. The visual appeal and flexibility to use different types of content mean it’s a versatile way for us to engage with our followers.
Reels allow us to reach a wider audience, while the stories feature allows us to spotlight our clients and other insightful work done by other agencies.
3. Twitter
We share a lot of the same content on Twitter as we do on other channels, but what we find particularly beneficial is the ability to start and keep conversations going with the quote tweet feature.
We also like that the character limit fits into the average consumer's attention span nowadays, so we're able to get our message across quickly and clearly, and better prompt users to follow the link included in the post.
4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn users want to see educational content and how others are taking steps to get to their goals; we use that knowledge to craft our content strategy.
We share both original and reshared content from other industry leaders. We also share newsletter-style content once a week to spotlight the work done by our clients and updates from our company.
However, we don't use LinkedIn's advertising feature anymore. Our experience with LinkedIn Ads wasn't a great one and we didn't get a good enough ROI for all the headaches the platform gave us.
5. TikTok
We chose TikTok because its rapid popularity growth presented businesses with abundant opportunities to reach potential customers. Although that hasn't entirely been the case for us, we continue to use the platform to create video content because it's much easier to do on TikTok compared to Instagram reels.
And there you have it — all of the social media channels we use at Neon Supply and why we chose them. Armed with that knowledge, you're ready to build out your own social media strategy and the rationale behind each channel you'll be using.
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Emily Goodwin
I'm the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at Neon Supply! I specialize in researching, designing, and implementing multi-channel marketing plans.