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3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter is arguably one of the most difficult platforms upon which to grow a loyal and engaged following. Since tweets only have an average half-life of under 30 minutes, you need to connect with people quickly. We've rounded up the top three easy tips to boost your Twitter engagement and start scaling your efforts in the Twitterverse.
3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Twitter Engagement
Try these tips to improve engagement on your Twitter posts.
1. Try tweeting a video.
Video is continually growing in popularity, so it's no surprise that Twitter users like to see videos on their feeds. In fact, tweets with videos can often see up to 10 times more engagement compared to tweets without one.
You don't need to tweet all original, made-in-house videos. You can retweet videos from others and share videos from other sources, just make sure to credit who made the video. Whatever videos you do reshare should all be relevant to your audience.
2. Harness the power of retweeting.
Similar to the last tip, not 100% of your tweets need to be your own original material. Harnessing the power of retweeting will give you a deeper roster of relevant content to share with your following. Sharing content from fellow brands or big names in the industry bolsters your credibility and trustworthiness.
You aren't limited to just retweeting from other brands or industry thought leaders. Retweeting content from your followers will excite them and encourage them to reciprocate in the future.
3. Every tweet should add value.
Although many sources report you need an average of 50 tweets per day to even hope to be relevant, don’t make a habit of tweeting every thought that goes through your head.
Brands need to tweet what adds value, whether it’s entertaining, inspiring, informing, or persuading your followers to buy. Every tweet should be valuable, which will help you meet the goals you set for your social media marketing efforts.
Mastering Twitter for marketing success is a daunting task, especially given the short life span of each tweet and the high volume of content you need to put out on this platform. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram already have a head start with incorporating visual appeal into their posts, but offering similar visual components will be beneficial to your Twitter content.
These tips can help you get started with increasing engagement from your existing followers and begin extending your reach into the Twitterverse.
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