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5 Essential Resources for Staying Up to Date on Advertising

Staying informed and up-to-date is required for success in advertising. Fortunately, there are several blogs that provide valuable insights, trends, and strategies to help professionals navigate the ever-changing landscape. Here are our top five blogs that every advertising professional should bookmark:


Adweek is a highly regarded news source in the advertising industry for several reasons. It provides comprehensive coverage of various topics related to marketing, including marketing trends, campaign strategies, and industry updates, ensuring that professionals can access all the latest information they need to stay informed and make informed decisions.

Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive is a comprehensive resource for advertising professionals. It offers detailed analysis and reporting on the latest advertising news, keeping professionals informed about industry changes. Marketing Dive provides insights into emerging trends and consumer behaviour, helping professionals understand the evolving advertising landscape. The blog also offers data-driven articles and expert opinions, providing valuable information and perspectives.

HubSpot Blog

The HubSpot Blog is a rich source of information on advertising best practices and digital marketing strategies. It offers actionable tips to help professionals excel in advertising. Explore topics like social media advertising, content marketing, SEO, and more. Subscribe to their newsletter for regular updates and insights. This will enhance your advertising skills and improve your campaign results.

LinkedIn Advertising Blog

The LinkedIn Advertising Blog is an essential resource for professionals aiming to enhance their ad campaigns on the platform. It offers insights into targeting strategies, ad formats, and optimization techniques. The blog shares case studies of successful campaigns, providing valuable insights into effective strategies and tactics. It also features expert opinions from industry leaders and LinkedIn's advertising specialists. Additionally, it provides practical tips for maximizing ad efforts, from optimizing ad targeting to improving ad copy and design.

Neon Supply Blog

The Neon Supply Blog is a valuable resource for advertising professionals, providing insightful content on platform-specific strategies and the basics of creating an effective marketing plan. We regularly publish a variety of content, including guides, case studies, and articles that cover the fundamentals of SEO and Content Marketing. Check out our recent blog posts here and start enhancing your advertising skills today!
Staying informed and up-to-date is a breeze with these tools at your disposal. Follow these top five blogs to gain valuable insights, stay ahead of industry trends, and optimize your advertising campaigns.
Jeff Hostetter
Content Marketing Strategist at Neon Supply