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Geographical Advertising Through Snapchat

Geographical advertising is becoming more popular, and Snapchat is leading the way by providing businesses with a strong platform to reach specific audiences based on location. Snapchat's advanced geographical targeting tools allow businesses to attract customers to their physical stores and track sales in different regions. Let's explore some recent successful campaigns that used geographical advertising on Snapchat.

Domino's Pizza Campaign in Norway

In a fun campaign, Domino's introduced their "New Bigger Better" pizza in Norway. They used Snap Ads, commercials, and filters to reach 800,000 unique Norwegian Snapchatters. This helped increase the likelihood of people buying the pizza and made more people aware of the brand in the area.

Wish's Global Reach

The e-commerce platform Wish integrated its product catalog with Snapchat, leveraging Snap Ads and Story Ads for targeted advertising. This collaboration allowed Wish to tap into Snapchat's user base for a global reach. As a result of using a mix of different ad types, targeting techniques, and bid optimizations, Wish achieved a 20% increase in return on investment and a 50% reduction in cost per purchase on Snapchat compared to other channels. Additionally, there was a 20% reduction in the cost per install on Snapchat versus other channels​.

Starling Bank’s AR Lens Experience in the UK

Starling Bank, operating exclusively through mobile devices in the UK, leveraged Snapchat's platform to enhance user acquisition and brand recognition through an AR Lens experience. This campaign targeted the 18-34 age demographic and achieved significant results. Starling Bank's use of AR and other ad formats on Snapchat resulted in an average cost of £0.02 per completed view and a 61% lower cost per install compared to other platforms.
These campaigns show how brands are using Snapchat's location-based advertising to connect with local audiences and achieve marketing goals. As Snapchat improves its advertising platform, it becomes a crucial tool for businesses targeting local markets. With creative campaigns, brands can engage with audiences in a relevant and meaningful way, building stronger connections and achieving tangible results.
Jeff Hostetter
Content Marketing Strategist at Neon Supply