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The Pros and Cons of Snapchat Marketing

With over 280 million daily active users, it's no surprise that businesses are still using Snapchat as a marketing tool. However, like any other marketing strategy, there are pros and cons to using Snapchat for business purposes.
Read on to weigh those pros and cons to determine whether it's the right social media channel for you.
1. Reach a Younger Audience
Snapchat is most popular among younger audiences, with 78% of its users being under the age of 24. If your target audience falls within this age group, then Snapchat can be an effective way to reach them.
2. Authenticity
Snapchat is known for its authenticity, and businesses can use this to their advantage. By sharing behind-the-scenes content or giving followers a sneak peek into new products, businesses can build trust and loyalty with their audience. Greater loyalty leads to better customer retention and increased lifetime spend.
3. Creative Opportunities
Snapchat offers a variety of creative tools, such as filters, lenses, and stickers, that businesses can use to create engaging content directly in the app. Your social media manager won't have to spend a ton of time creating content in other programs since Snapchat offers an abundance of editing tools.
Using Snapchat features will also make your brand seem more authentic and relatable, which is good for the customer loyalty we outlined in the previous point. Overall, this can help your business stand out from your competitors and increase brand awareness.
1. Limited Analytics
Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat's analytics are limited. Businesses can only see the number of views and screenshots their snaps receive, which makes it difficult to measure the success of a campaign.
2. Short Lifespan
Snapchat's disappearing content means that businesses have a limited amount of time to capture their audience's attention. This can make it challenging to create content that resonates with viewers in such a short amount of time.
3. Limited Reach
While Snapchat has a large user base, it may not be the best platform for businesses looking to reach a wider audience. Its popularity is mostly limited to younger demographics, so businesses targeting older audiences may not see much success on the platform.
Snapchat can be a valuable marketing tool for businesses looking to reach a younger audience and create authentic, engaging content. However, its limited analytics and short lifespan may make it challenging to measure the success of a campaign.
Ultimately, businesses should weigh the pros and cons in addition to assessing their desired audience before deciding if Snapchat is the right platform for their marketing strategy.
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Emily Goodwin
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