Fusion Marketing

Components of Fusion Marketing


Fusion marketing is the new kid on the marketing block. Although its far reach can make it intimidating to try out, fusion marketing provides marketers with significantly more avenues upon which to build their next campaign. That equals more ideas and more opportunities to change the marketing game within your industry.

The Components of Fusion Marketing

Fusion marketing combines the traditional and digital marketing tools that exist and provides a deep toolbox for marketers to sift through and pull out the ones that are the best match for the campaign’s goals, target audience, and desired delivery methods.

In this sense, it bears some similarities to hybrid marketing, which is the blend of traditional and digital marketing tactics. Hybrid marketing has been gaining popularity in recent years as companies seek to diversify their marketing efforts and appeal to both audiences that are more responsive to traditional marketing like newspaper ads and print flyers and those that prefer digital advertising via social media and sponsored web content.

Where fusion marketing differs from the hybrid approach is that fusion marketing also addresses the more business-y side of an organization that isn’t always fully included in the marketing mix. Marketing is often associated with brand awareness and ROI but what tends to be overlooked are the more traditional sales strategies, operations, and in some cases customer experience.

A key component of fusion marketing is group discussion and the inclusion of departments that aren't traditionally considered, like accounting or quality assurance. This creates the opportunity to connect the customer directly to payment and product issues as part of the customer journey. 

Although this is just one idea, each company will have a unique opportunity to reshape its message by rethinking its idea generation.

The trading value between businesses is a great way to build partnerships, and this kind of relationship comes with shared costs and a lower price tag meaning more capital for customer acquisition.


Fusion marketing presents so many opportunities to change your marketing game, which has lots of benefits to business owners. It’s too good to not add to your marketing efforts, so you should get started today on implementing it in your business.

Emily Goodwin
I'm the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at Neon Supply! I specialize in researching, designing, and implementing multi-channel marketing plans.