Fusion Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Fusion Marketing

Fusion marketing is gaining popularity amongst agencies and departments alike. Its versatile approach empowers marketers to blend tactics and get a better return on investment for their marketing efforts.
Let's dive into what fusion marketing involves and how it can boost your marketing return on investment.
What is Fusion Marketing?
Fusion marketing is a holistic marketing approach that encompasses both traditional and digital marketing and elements typically considered more business-centric like sales, revenue generation, and sponsorship.
Fusion marketing prompts teams to do a deeper evaluation of the tools and tactics at their disposal to design integrated campaigns to reach their goals. This affords marketers greater customization in their strategies and gives them a unique edge over their competitors.
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Traditional and digital marketing tactics
This is a key combination in the fusion marketing formula. Thoroughly evaluating what's available to you and what's worked in the past to reach your target audience is what you need to do before you draw up your next campaign plan.
Doing this allows you to mix and match tactics to create new combinations you've never tried before to garner a better return on your marketing investment.
Cross-teams discussions
Fusion marketing embraces company-wide discussions to streamline processes and ensure all departments are working towards the same objectives. Marketing, sales, service, finance, and administrative teams will know what each team is working towards, what's being done to achieve it, and what support is needed from the other teams.
Company-wide streamlined goals
Because of the discussion mentioned previously, businesses can better align their departments' goals to overarching strategic priorities. Everything each department does will be working towards those big-picture organizational goals, which better sets up each department — and the whole company — to achieve those goals.
Partnership opportunities
Since marketers leverage the strengths and opportunities available, it opens more doors to collaborate with other individuals or organizations to supplement marketing efforts.
Partnering with another organization also helps to establish credibility and build trust because you have a third party saying, "We're choosing to work with this company because we trust them." It's no surprise that partnership marketing boosts customer retention by 42%.
A Holistic Approach to Modern Challenges
Given how fusion marketing takes the entire business' goals into consideration, this makes it a holistic marketing approach.
Holistic marketing is comprised of five main components: relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing, societal marketing, and performance marketing. All of these are considered when developing a marketing strategy.
All five areas allow you to closely consider your organization's role in the community and thoroughly understand what matters to your target customers.
Benefits of Fusion Marketing
Fusion marketing offers many benefits to businesses, including:
  1. Truly unique and customized marketing campaigns
  2. Campaigns leverage a diverse range of tactics
  3. Fosters company-wide collaboration
  4. Fuels referrals and partnerships
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These tremendous benefits are why we chose fusion marketing at Neon Supply. Our agency started out of the desire to help businesses succeed beyond marketing. Being able to address revenue generation, sales and service, business strategy, and sponsorship were essential. So, fusion marketing was the best method for us.
Fusion marketing provides a competitive advantage to businesses that use the approach. You'll gain a better understanding of your position in the market and what your target customer is looking for to solve their pain points. Then, you can create a multi-tactic campaign to capture their attention and convert them into lifelong, loyal customers.
Although it requires some time-intensive investment to get started, the results from fusion marketing are worth it in the long run.
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Emily Goodwin
I'm the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at Neon Supply! I specialize in researching, designing, and implementing multi-channel marketing plans.