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8 Valentine's Day Ad Campaigns That Won Our Hearts

Valentine's Day: a time for love, chocolates, and... laughter? Yep, you heard it right. While some brands stick to the traditional script of romance and roses, others take a walk on the wild side, bringing humour and a touch of irreverence to the season of love. Here's a look at eight Valentine's Day ad campaigns that left an impression on us.

1. Etsy's Love for Small Businesses

Nothing says "I love you" like supporting small businesses, according to Etsy. Their campaign wasn't just a love letter to their community of sellers; it was a full-blown romantic serenade in the form of social media promotion. Etsy reminded us that love isn't just for couples; it's for the hard-working freelancers and small businesses that make our hearts (and economies) beat stronger​​.

2. NHS's Cheeky Charity Push

The NHS took Valentine's Day as an opportunity to remind us that love is about more than just candy hearts and teddy bears. With a clever campaign that encouraged donations to support health workers, the NHS proved that humour and a good cause could indeed go hand in hand, or heart in heart, if you will​​.

3. Crook & Marker's "OnlyCans"

In a playful nod to the site OnlyFans, Crook & Marker introduced "OnlyCans" featuring shirtless men and puppies. Yes, you read that correctly. Combining humour, cuteness, and a good cause, they reminded us that Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate love in all its forms - and yes, that includes puppy love​​.

4. Deliveroo's "Third Wheel Kevin"

Poor Kevin. Always the third wheel, never the bicycle. Deliveroo's "Third Wheel Kevin" campaign was a comedic gem that shone a light on the often-overlooked single friends among us. With a special meal deal for the third wheels, Deliveroo made sure that everyone felt the love - even those dining in the shadow of romance​​.

5. KFC's Chicken-Flavoured Love

"Will you be my chicken tender?" asked KFC, as they launched a range of chicken-themed Valentine's goodies. From chicken-piece pizzas to KFC-style crocs, the brand clucked its way into our hearts with a multi-faceted approach that was nothing short of poultry in motion​​.

6. Marks and Spencer's "Love Sausage"

Ah, the "Love Sausage." Marks and Spencer took Valentine's Day breakfast to new lengths with their bacon-wrapped sausage. It became an instant hit, proving that love, like sausage, comes in all shapes and sizes. The innuendo-laden campaign was a masterclass in how to do Valentine's Day with a wink and a nudge​​.

7. The Man Company's Embrace of Self-Love

Breaking away from traditional notions of Valentine's Day, The Man Company celebrated self-love and body positivity. Their campaign was a heartfelt reminder that love starts with loving oneself, scars, receding hairlines, and all. It was a refreshing take on the holiday, serving up a hefty dose of reality with a side of love​​.

8. Air New Zealand's Long-Distance Love

Love knows no distance, according to Air New Zealand. Their campaign highlighted the joy of reuniting with loved ones, making us all misty-eyed and reminding us that sometimes the best Valentine's Day gift is simply being together. It was a heartwarming message that soared high above the usual Valentine's fare​​.
Jeff Hostetter
Content Marketing Strategist at Neon Supply